The piano and crazy Band

Coming from a family of swing musicians, Arnold Boschat was introduced to the piano at a very young age. He was already playing solos (with the guitar accompaniment) in a band by the age of 13. Arnold formed the first band with the name of "Sto Gaidi," which was later changed to "Arnold Boschat." The name "Arnold Boschat" is the name of the band members – all musicians and singers. They have been performing together since the age of 18.

The band made appearances in commercials (like those of the famous McDonalds restaurant) and he later worked as a jingles singer for various big companies. He experimented with different sounds and rhythms until he was able to create his own type of music. The new genre of music involved a lot ofgonzo music.

The music of the band "Arnold Boschat" is based on electronic music and it is an eclectic mix of swing, electronic-acoustic music and music of the Netherlands and Great Britain. The album "Boschat & Tings" was released in the year 2003 and it was the first album by this new brand of music. Since then, the album has already become a famous offering of music to big music labels all over the world.

The Boschat & Tings concerts are extremely popular as the band is able to pull amazing audience even from outside the venue. The live performance of the band is a phenomenon in the music scene as the energy and humor of the performance always manages to pull in the audience. The mainstream popularity of the shows makes it easier for established musicians and artists to associate themselves with the band.

The Boschat & Tings band is expanding its presence in the international arena and it has already made tours in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France and Japan. The early Boschat & Tings albums were primarily available as a record rather than as a compact disc and so it was difficult to track down the compact discs of these early albums. However, since the mid-2000s the band's recordings have been put on CD by EMI, and all of the albums except for the first one were sold out.

The Boschat & Tings band has taken the music world by storm and it is ahead of most established bands by making videos and producing its own tracks. The performances are great fun and the energy————————

uner rhythm section is impressively and intricately choreographed, without ever losing the catchy feel. The dancing never gets tiring. Although, at times, the choreography can get a bit crowded and the suits don't match. By the time you get to the end of the album, you will not quite dislike it.

The first album of Boschat & Tings is a good starting point if you are unfamiliar with their music and are perhaps more interested in the feel good dance floor music than you are into the intricacy of band music and band politics. This is the album to give a try.

If you already know a lot about this band, the deluxe edition will give you a taste of the ballsy and crazy concerts that take place in their hometown of Toronto, at the Molson Canadian Jazzeteer. You will not want to miss it.

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